DK Property Management, LLC is a full service property management company, leasing the property by securing a qualified resident and taking care of the property and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Leasing the property:

  • We will determine a fair market rental value based on the location and condition. If neccessary, repairs and maintenance will be recommended to increase rentabilty.
  • Advertising the property by using this and other websites such as;,,,, AHRN (military web site), Craig's List, yard signage and referrals.
  • Thourough Applicant Screening starts with a complete and accurate rental application filled out by the applicant. We pull credit, check for criminal and eviction history, employment and income is verified and current and previous rental references are checked as well.
  • Comprehensive Lease paperwork and detailed Move In Inspection. Our leases are based on years of experience and comply with all Federal and State Landlord/Tenant Laws, Fair Housing Regulations and Federal Lead Hazard and Mold Regulations.

Monthly Management Services:

  • Rent collection and enforcement of rent due dates.
  • Owner distributions with statement by the 12th of the month. Statement reflects an accurate accounting of rents received and bills paid for the property for the month.
  • Routine interior or driveby inspections are performed frequently.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – we provide a prompt response to resident maintenance requests, after hours emergency #  is provided for residents. We only use licensed, bonded and insured companies and review their work frequently for quality, price and responsiveness.

Year End:

We will provide owners with a year end accounting statement reflecting all income and expenses for the year along with a 1099-Misc for your tax preparer, mailed no later than January 31 of the following year.